Privacy policy

Hra01 Ltd. respects rights concerning the protection of personal data and, as such, has established the following rules to maintain its privacy policy.

The treatment of information provided
Hra01 Ltd. does not collect any personal data that may be used to identify a concrete individual and does so only in the case that this information has been voluntarily provided to Hra01 Ltd. by the individual to whom it corresponds. No personal information will be provided to a third party without the prior consent of the individual(s) concerned.

Newsletter registration
The provided e-mail address will be used strictly for the purpose of providing information concerning news and other related information from Each newsletter will contain instructions on how to un-register from receiving further such newsletters. This option is also available at our website in the Newsletter section.

Automatic obtaining of information
When visiting our website, the domain and IP address of each visitor is registered into the server database. This data is used only for purposes of administration and assessing traffic on our server. It is not possible to identify a particular individual from an IP address alone. Our server does not use cookies.

Hra01 Ltd. uses common security practices to ensure the privacy of any personal information it has been provided with.

Links to other websites
Server may list links to other websites but in no way assumes responsibility for the protection of personal data on these websites.

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